Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmurfGo?

SmurfGo is a Challenge Village Game to play online with friends.
This game helps to keep friends in touch by having fun together.

How to Play?

Join the Village and Start Gathering Mushrooms,
Upgrade your village and gather as much more mushrooms as you can.
Trade mushrooms with friends to improve your village resources.
Upgrade your Village level and defeat all friends.

What is 'PaPa' ?

'PaPa' is Father of all Smurfs. You can ask him for help or for trading Mushrooms to keep your Village upgraded.

How to Play?

First, you have to Register and Login your game profile.

After you login game, Verify your account by following steps there.

Now you can change your Player avatar and info from here. You can pickup your player avatar from available ones, or upload your own new avatar.

You may Trade your mushrooms to upgrade your Village,
PaPa will help you to do this and keep your village land fully upgraded.

Sometimes you will find a Large Mushroom like a surprise, this huge Mushroom will help you to boostup upgrading your village much more.

You have more questions not listed here?

Feel free to Contact us :